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In order to deliver the best possible support for my customers I have decided to offer a highly differentiated product for Bachelor students. This academic consulting service includes the following:

  • An initial free video call. This help us both get a better idea of services required and offers an opportunity for you to ask questions regarding my service and the next steps.
  • We will develop a customised schedule to help you advance your work depending on your progress and based on additional information (number of words / pages required, important milestones, deadline etc.)
  • This schedule may include guiding you through developing your focus, plan & structure, supporting your research on literature and checking any work you may have already done for consistence and relevance.
  • The full process – creating the initial structure until handing in a finished thesis – usually takes around 3-6 months. With structured guidance and suitable support we can shorten this duration significantly allowing you to focus on your next steps in your career.
  • My service is highly customisable and available in English & German.
  • Please note: I do not offer thesis writing services. The writing is done by yourself on all occasions!

Get in touch! I look forward to supporting you ..

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